Maradona meets KISS



Football legend Maradona meets hard rock legends KISS, on this years campaign poster for Soccerrocker, one of the most popular football slash music festivals in The Netherlands. Over the years, the powerful poster designs have contributed in a huge way to the growing success of Soccerrrocker. One Saturday Afternoon talked to graphic designer Stephan Achterberg and festival co-founder Adriaan Woudstra about the remarkable visual communication of Soccerrocker. 

A1_soccerrocker 2015-2

Hi Adriaan, what is Soccerrocker?   

Soccerrocker is a football tournament that slowly evolved (the last four years) into a rock festival. Two guys (David van Moppes and I) from DVVA (an Amsterdam football club) were (and still) are big music and football lovers. Soccerrocker is the ideal combination and their idea of the perfect day. Playing football, listening to music and drinking (a few) beers. Celebrate football and rockmusic, that is what soccerrocker is about.”


Stephan, you did the poster designs.  Can you tell me something about every individual poster? About the choices, the inspiration, the execution? 

“We always try to make an (intelligent) bridge between football and rock music. The first campaign (below) was with a famous photo from Paul Huf with Johan Cruyff, Klaas Nanninga, Sjaak Swart, Piet Keizer, photographer Wim the Brake reshot the picture with two of the bands (Paceshifters and Shaking Godspeed) and added an guitar to the picture.”


“In 2013 (below) we used the concept that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were often seen in photographs with just a sock around their genitals. Again Wim te Brake shot an amateur footballer with football shoes and just a football sock. The image is strong, but not all the people understand the reference to RHCP.”


“The poster for 2014 (see below) was inspired by the Strokes cover-album. We wanted a more female campaign image and added a football goalie glove. The last poster we did we think is the best. We combined the face of Maradona and added the famous bodypaint from rockgroup Kiss (the star from Paul Stanley). We thought about photoshopping the concept, but the drawing of Mike Ottink is so much better and it really works. Mike is an illustrator and artist and we’d like to give Soccerrocker a little arty-feel, because the concept of mixing the two (soccer and rocker) into one image should be more then just a joke. You can see the poster everywhere in Amsterdam.”


Every poster is very different! Why? 

Adriaan: ”We feel that every new poster for the festival should pay tribute to rock music and football. And we find it each year a challenge to come up with a good idea. Part of the fun of the festival is thinking about the artwork. And since Stephan is such a good friend it is nice that we can work at it together.”


Stephan, what are your thoughts on poster design in general? 

“A good poster should be simple and smart and not too much to read. That last part is always a little battle between Adriaan and me.”


Stephan Achterberg (left) is co-owner of design agency Van Lennep. Adriaan Woudstra (right) is co-founder of Soccerrocker. The fifth edition of the festival kicks of this next Saturday, May 30th 2015. Admission is free.