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Merckx & Ickx



No one has ever ridden a bike like Eddy Merckx. First across the finish line 525 times, he’s the most successful cycle racer of all time. Jacky Ickx’s career is one of the richest and longest in the history of motorsport. His list of achievements is unrivalled in its variety. In 2015, Eddy Merckx and Jacky Ickx both celebrate their 70th birthday, as well as their long friendship. So it’s high time for the first major exhibition about this pair of Belgian sporting legends. 


Ickx and Merckx. Merckx and Ickx. Two great people. Two heroes. Two icons. Two champions. Both with an impressive track record, both holders of multiple honorary titles. Both excelled in very different categories within their sport. Year after year. Two names that are inextricably linked with top-level sport. Two names that are inextricably linked with Belgium, at home and abroad. Proudly they defended the black, yellow and red across the world. Inextricably linked with each other. Two contemporaries. Two compatriots. Two great Belgians from Brussels. Two comrades who have trusted and respected each other for forty years. Two friends for life. Jacky and Eddy. Eddy and Jacky.

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What can you see at this amazing exposition? Authentic race cars that made ‘Mister Le Mans’ great, original racing bikes on which ‘The Cannibal’ broke the One Hour world record or won the climb to the Col du Tourmalet, never-before-seen photos and films, and highlights and memorabilia from national and international collections, are all brought together for the first time at the Heysel in Brussels in a dazzling display covering no less than 2000 square metros. Eddy Merckx and Jacky Ickx have also given us some of their personal souvenirs to put on show, for example these beautiful competition shirts, worn by Eddy Merckx.

Add to this the interactive exhibition route and the stunning installation by renowned Belgian photographer Stephan Vanfleteren and you have a complete and fascinating picture of what made these two extraordinary sporting heroes great. We at One Saturday Afternoon also really like the short film ‘Ickx The Race’, directed by one of Belgium’s most exciting directors, Koen Mortier. The short movie was especially produced for the expo and really illustrates the friendship between two of Belgium’s most celebrated sports icons.

Expo dates: 6.12.2014 – 21.6.2015. Check out the website of Merckx & Ickx for location and opening hours.