From Joos to DOES



Marijn Vanderheijden and Miquel Steps from visual design studio Strictua directed the short Transition, about former Dutch professional football player Joos van Barneveld, now known as graffiti artist DOES. 

What’s the film exactly about?

“Transition is a short documentary about graffiti artist DOES and how he made the life changing switch from being a professional soccer player, who played with the likes of Mark van Bommel, to creating amazing graffiti pieces and getting recognition for it all over the world.”

Why did you have to tell this story?

“The big change in DOES’s life and how he adapted himself to this is insane. After the setbacks he encountered he has become skillful in two completely different disciplines. The motivation that drive this guy really inspired us. That’s why we really had to tell this story!”

Does - Transition_00

What was your specific angle, as a director? What did you want to bring across (visually)?

“We as filmmakers really felt the urge to show both his history in soccer and his current identity as an artist in a cinematic and esthaethic way. We felt the story needed this. Besides that we wanted to motivate other people to find their true passion.”

Does - Transition_04 Does - Transition_05

What surprised you during the making? What was the highlight, and low point during the creative process?

“At first we worked together with DOES on another project called “Endless Perspectives”. During this project we heard his story for the first time and we immediately wanted to create a documentary about him as a person and the transition he had made. For this film we had the opportunity to film on locations that inspire(d) him as an artist, for instance Melbourne and Sydney but also the stadium he played his games in and on “the yard”. Those where really cool experiences. Another highlight was the film got selected as staff pick on Vimeo, it felt really good the get recognition for all the work we putted into this piece. Despite some technical difficulties we had during editing, we didn’t have any low points. It was a just a very cool project in which we learned a lot from and with each other.”

What do you admire most about Does?

“His drive and motivation but also his eye for detail and the prescision of is work.”

Does - Transition_01 Does - Transition_02

What’s you own background, what inspires you and what do you want to become (in the end)?

“We both did a multimedia design study in the Netherlands and started our own production company Strictua three years ago. Our core-business is the creation of the visual translation for organisation and brands from the advertising-, services-, fashion-, and consumer-goods -industries. We both have a profound love for aesthetic things in life like film, art, design and fashion that inspire us a lot besides that the people around us are very important. We really want to surround us with people that also feel the need to create things that function their purpose and tell a story. In the end… I think that’s a tricky question haha. Our goal is to get better at telling stories that are both in content as in visuals thought through. It may be in producing a short film but also a complete campaign in which we use film to capture the essence of the brand, identity or initiative.”

Marijn - Strictua Miquel - Strictua