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Field hockey in 16mm



Creative film company 100% Halal produced this documentary series for Rabobank, sponsor of Dutch field hockey. Director Andreas Pasvantis: ‘As a kid I really sucked at it.’

Dear Andreas, what makes this serie stand out in all the branded sports content nowadays? What makes it truly special?

“For me the films stand out in two ways. Form and content. Form because the films portray hockey players and hockey in a way I haven’t seen before. We shot on film, 16mm, Super 8 and analogue photography as well. It was a stylistic choice to let the films stand out and give a more raw look and feel than hockey films usually are shot. Content-wise I think they stand out because the short documentaries tell a bigger story than just sports and winning. It’s about relationships between two people. And how they can get the best out of each other. So even for people that don’t know field hockey or don’t like it, they can still enjoy watching these films. For Rabobank this was, therefore, a great way to tell their story of togetherness through these films.”

Which one is your favourite and why? (Ours is Jacky & Dick.)

“It’s hard to say because I also spend a couple of days with all the people in the films. Therefore I am a bit subjective, especially because all the athletes were a real joy to work with and fun to shoot. But if I had to pick one it would be Jacky & Dick as well. I think it’s because their story speaks to the most people. A father-daughter bond is something we can all relate to in a way.”

What’s your [spiritual] connection to field hockey?

“I played field hockey as a kid. When I got older I had to choose between hockey and tennis because they couldn’t be combined on the A Saturday Afternoon. I went on playing tennis, but luckily the clubhouses of both tennis and hockey were connected so I could still hang out with my hockey friends.”

You made an apparently creepy, impressive short film, titled December, a while ago. How has Andreas Pasvantis the director grown since then?

“Every project that I do I learn something. Big or small. December was one of the first films I made. Since then I made a lot of films, met a lot of talented people and had the privilege to work and learn from those people. I think a director needs his flying hours to get in a place where he wants to be. And that’s why I like to take on different and varied projects, that gets you out of your comfort zone to prevent copying yourself or flying autopilot. And you take all those experiences with you into your next project. So your next film is, or should always be your best.”

You also made a branded content film for Vodafone about a car race in a small town in Holland. What’s the great secret to great branded [sports] content?

“By making things people want to see. Making something you yourself would want to see. It all begins there.”

What would be your dream campaign on sports, and for what brand?

“It would be cool to do something with skateboarding. As a kid I really sucked at it badly; it could be a nice way to set that straight by making an awesome film with professional skateboarders. And what the hell, let’s do it for Nike than.”

Maartje & Minke

Paul & Shanti