COPA football by Johan Kramer



Dutch director (and former copy Wunderkind and co-founder of renowned agency KesselsKramer) Johan Kramer made a campaign for football fashion brand Copa. Every football film by Kramer is a piece of love.

Dear Johan, you have an impressive track record of ‘romantic’ football films. What makes this one stand out?

“The tone-of-voice makes this one stand out. Copa is a brand that loves football the way it was and is not afraid to communicate this.”

What’s your [spiritrual] connection to football?

“It’s probably the only thing that really brings people together in our country. That says a lot about football, and also about us.”

How do you prevent yourself from copying yourself?

“The more you take your work personal, the more difficult it is to be different every time. Somehow you put a lot of yourself, your style and way of working in a project and it shows. On the other hand, each brand should find its own territory and I try hard to be original.”

What was your own favourite campaign?

“It’s always the next one you’re making.”

What would be your dream campaign on football, for what brand?

“I would really love to do a campaign for Umbro, a beautiful UK football brand.”