Derk Jeter shines in farewell spots



Derk Jeter is headed into his last week as a professional baseball player. After Nike’s Derek Jeter Re2pect commercial made its viral splash around the web in July, another spot posted this September, will no doubt do the same. Gatorade paid tribute to the soon-to-be-retired Yankees shortstop with a black-and-white commercial in which Jeter decides to get out from his chaufered car and walks to Yankee Stadium, with stops at a nearby bar, a graffiti version of his visage and Monument Park before tapping the famed “I want to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee” sign, all to the sounds of Frank Sinatra singing “My Way.” Jeter will play his last home game Thursday, September 27th. It is still in the air if he will play in the final season series in Boston. These two beautiful commercials can at least be enjoyed for ever.